Will Mud Stop The Russian Army From Invading Ukraine?

Ukrainian soldiers work on their tank close to the front line with Russian-backed separatists in the Luganks region on April 7, 2021. STR/AFP  

Bloomberg: Mud Could Help Decide Timing of Any Russia Move Against Ukraine 

(Bloomberg) — Muddy terrain and the need for more troops on the ground make any large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine unlikely until January at the earliest, military analysts in Moscow and the West say, creating a window of diplomacy to steer President Vladimir Putin away from a war. 

Those judgments come as a combination of open source reports and images gives growing credence to U.S. intelligence assessments of a build-up of soldiers and equipment toward Ukraine’s borders. Ukrainian military maps also show the changing distribution of Russian forces.  

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WNU Editor: LOL! Mud is not going to stop/deter/impede the Russian military from launching an invasion into Ukraine. The Russian military lives and trains in these conditions. 

The only reason why an invasion is not happening right now is because the Kremlin knows the costs and military/political headaches that such an invasion will cause are simply not worth it. 

OMG! Definitely not worth it. 

And as for the mud. By next week the ground will be frozen along the borders of Russia (if not already).  

Update: Here is a good analysis on Russian military logistics, and why a Russian military incursion into Ukraine will be limited …. Feeding the Bear: A Closer Look at Russian Army Logistics and the Fait Accompli (War On The Rocks).

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