Ukraine Says A Large Scale Russian Offensive Is Possible In January

Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov told lawmakers on Friday that intelligence from the border shows ‘the possibility of a large-scale escalation from Russia exists’  

Reuters: Large scale Russian offensive possible in January, Ukraine says 

KYIV (Reuters) – Russia has massed more than 94,000 troops near Ukraine’s borders and may be gearing up for a large-scale military offensive at the end of January, Ukraine’s Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov told parliament on Friday, citing intelligence reports. 

Reznikov said Ukraine would not do anything to provoke the situation but was ready to fight back if Russia launched an attack. 

Ukraine and its NATO allies have sounded the alarm about Russian troop movements near Ukraine’s borders this year, sparking worries that a simmering conflict in eastern Ukraine could erupt into open war.  

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WNU Editor: The Kremlin says it will not de-escalate with the current tensions …. Kremlin says Russia cannot de-escalate due to Ukrainian troop presence nearby (Reuters). 

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