Denmark Accuses Russia, China, Iran, And Others Of Espionage

Reuters: Denmark accuses Russia, China, Iran of espionage threat 

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) -Denmark warned on Thursday of a rising espionage threat from Russia, China, Iran and others, including in the Arctic region where global powers are jostling for resources and sea routes. 

The Danish Security and Intelligence Service said there had been numerous examples of attempted spying on Denmark, whose active global role had helped make it a tempting target. 

“The threat from foreign intelligence activities against Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands has increased in recent years,” Anders Henriksen, head of counterintelligence at the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, said in a report.  

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Update #1: Danish Spy Agency Frets Over Arctic Operations by China and Russia (Bloomberg) 

Update #2: Denmark’s intelligence service says country is target of ‘increased’ foreign spying (AFP)  

WNU Editor: Greenland is the prize, and Denmark’s access to high technology.

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