New Poll Finds Only 10% Of Americans Trust Media On COVID, 30% Trust Dr. Fauci, And Only 15.5% Trust President Biden

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Summit News: Poll Finds Only 10% of Americans Trust Media on COVID, 30% Trust Fauci  

Only 15.5% trust Biden. 

A new poll has found that just 10 per cent of Americans trust the media when it comes to information about COVID-19, while just over 30 per cent trust Anthony Fauci. 


The survey was conducted by NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ. 

It asked participants, “When it comes to information about COVID-19, which of the following sources would you say you trust? Select all that apply.” 

* Dr. Anthony Fauci: 30.8% 

* Federal health authorities like the CDC and the FDA: 49.8% 

* Your doctor: 63.2% 

* President Biden: 15.5% * The news media: 10.2%  

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WNU Editor: Never heard of this polling company before, but they ask a lot of questions for their survey and their sample size is what the other more established companies use. The link is here …. Read the full report: NewsNation’s survey about COVID-19 (News Nation).

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