US intelligence Claims Russia Is Planning A ‘False-Flag’ Operation On His Own Troops To Justify A Ukraine Invasion


Daily Mail: US has intelligence Putin will stage a ‘false flag’ attack on his OWN troops to set up a pretext to invade Ukraine after talks between the US and Russia collapsed 

* US officials accused Russia on Friday of planning ‘false-flag’ attacks to justify invasion of Ukraine 

* Agents trained in urban warfare and sabotage are preparing to hit Russian proxy forces as first step, they said 

* It would mimic the Russian playbook used in 2014 when it annexed the Crimean peninsula 

* Kiev has been on alert since Moscow moved 100,000 troops, missiles and heavy weapons close to its border 

* Meanwhile, Ukrainian websites were hacked with the message ‘be afraid and expect the worst’ 

* The Kremlin denied it was preparing to launch false-flag attacks, calling the reports ‘unfounded’ 

* And Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said Russia had ‘run out of patience’ with the West 

The US has intelligence that Russia is planning a ‘false-flag’ operation on its own forces in eastern Ukraine to create a pretext for invasion. 

Officials on Friday also said they believed Russia was mounting a social media disinformation campaign to portray Ukraine as the aggressor. 

The update, making the prospect of military conflict more immediate, came as Ukrainian government websites were taken offline in a ‘massive’ cyberattack, talks between Washington and Moscow collapsed and Russia held a combat readiness inspection of their troops.

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WNU Editor: The US intelligence community is saying the same thing that US Secretary of State Blinken has been saying since the start of the New Year …. Blinken warns of possible Russian false flag attack against Ukraine (Washington Examiner). 

US intelligence Claims Russia Is Planning A ‘False-Flag’ Operation On His Own Troops To Justify A Ukraine Invasion  

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