A Deadly Year For U.S. Police Officers In The U.S.

Daily Mail: 2021 saw highest number of on-duty cops intentionally killed in US since 1995 – with a 59% increase over 2020 – as 73 officers lost their lives 

* The FBI recorded a historic high of on-duty police officers intentionally killed while in the line of duty last year reporting 73 officers killed 

* The number of accidental on-duty police deaths increased as well with 56 

* There was also a drastic increase in ‘unprovoked’ attacks on officers last year 

* The FBI has opened an investigation into the spike in ‘unprovoked’ police killings 

* Complications from COVID has remained the top cause of death for officers in the last two years; police unions have continued fighting vaccine mandates 

* Last year, 13 cities in the United States shattered their annual homicide records 

The FBI recorded a 26-year high for on-duty police officers intentionally killed across the United States last year, as overall crime and murder rates hit record highs, falling just one short of the all-time grim mark of 74. 

There were 73 cops who died in the line of duty from a ‘felonious killing’ last year, according to data provided by the FBI shared with CNN, a 59% increase from 2020’s total of 46. 

A ‘felonious killing’ is defined by the FBI as an instance when an officer is ‘fatally injured as a direct result of a willful and intentional act by an offender.’  

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Update: Intentional killings of law enforcement officers reach 20-year high, FBI says (CNN)  

WNU Editor: 73 police officers killed in the line of duty. A sobering number.

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