How China Uses It Billions To Buy Political Influence Around The World

Daily Mail: How Beijing uses its billions to buy political influence around the world: From £685bn invested in the Commonwealth, building 5G ‘spy’ networks to ‘take-overs’ through Latin America and Africa… as China’s British ‘spy’ is revealed 

* The Chinese government has long used its billions to buy up political influence in countries around the world 

* It has invested £685billion in Caribbean countries including Barbados and Jamaica since 2005 

* Beijing struck a deal with Latin American states to build 5G networks and share nuclear technology 

* MI5 has warned MPs about Christine Ching Kui Lee, a suspected spy for China’s Communist Party 

Allegations that a suspected Chinese spy has donated more than £500,000 to a senior Labour MP in Britain appear to fit part and parcel with Beijing’s modus operandi — using its billions in cash to buy political influence across the planet. 

Barry Gardiner, who was a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet, received the donations from Christine Ching Kui Lee — mainly to cover staffing costs in his office — over a period of six years, and employed her son as his diary manager. 

MI5 took the rare step of issuing MPs and peers with a warning today about Miss Lee’s cultivating of British politicians to secure a ‘UK political landscape’ that was ‘favourable’ to China’s authoritarian government.  

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Update: Inside China’s spy network using ‘sex & cash to woo UK & US officials’ as Communist agent found at heart of Westminster (The SUN)  

WNU Editor: The above Daily Mail investigation is a must read. What also helps China are the “useful idiots” …. Useful idiots playing China’s malign game (Daily Mail).

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