Is The U.S. Federal Reserve Going Woke?

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Daily Mail: Biden’s woke Federal Reserve nominees: Economist married to a Democrat who wants to choke off oil and gas lending, Obama-era official who has written about the economics of lynching and professor who is expert on economics of poverty 

* Sarah Bloom Raskin, the wife of Democrat congressman Jamie Raskin, has been nominated to be in charge of policing the nation’s largest banks for the Fed 

* The Duke University professor has previously served as a Fed governor and deputy Treasury secretary, and is known for her focus on climate change 

* In September, Raskin said regulators must ‘incentivize a rapid, orderly, and just transition away from high-emission and biodiversity-destroying investments’ 

* Lisa Cook, if appointed, would be the first black woman to serve on the Fed’s board 

* Cook said she was inspired to become an economist while climbing the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, and went on to work in Rwanda 

* She worked with U2 frontman Bono to lobby the White House to cancel developing world debt 

* Her work at Michigan State has included investigating how segregation, lynchings, and race riots from 1870–1940 reduced the total number of patents 

* The third nominee is Philip Jefferson, currently a professor at Swarthmore in Pennsylvania specializing in poverty reduction 

* Washington DC-born, he said he wanted as a child to be a banker because he saw on television they were ‘well dressed’ 

Joe Biden has nominated three people to the board of the Federal Reserve in what would usher in the most diverse group in the Fed’s history – and the most woke. 

The president is intent on nominating a white woman, Sarah Bloom Raskin; a black woman, Lisa Cook; and a black man, Philip Jefferson. 

If they are confirmed to their posts, the seven-person Fed board would have four women, one black man and two white men – the most diverse team in the Fed’s 108 years of existence.  

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Update: Biden seeks to reshape Fed with historically diverse slate of nominees (Reuters) Update #2: Biden Nominates Sarah Bloom Raskin, Philip Jefferson and Lisa Cook To Fed Board (Zero Hedge)  

WNU Editor: Is gender, race, and having a progressive background the necessary qualifications to now be on the board of the Federal Reserve? 

Apparently yes. 

So what does that mean for the future of America’s money and its place as the world’s reserve currency? 

You tell me.

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